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Reinventing hospitality.

Beyond a resort a true experience

Our place was imagined and tailored around one idea only:
not to feel or look like any other 5-resort you have been
but feel and look like the dream resort you have always hoped for. 




A service truly done with love & care


Have we not all been convinced in the past by an Amazing business class or a truly tailormade service ?


We often found a very standardised service in the end making us feel like another customer or worst like a walking wallet done by people following a standardised procedure to just sell us more. 


Something was forgotten: 


we are humans with human feelings and needs and We are unique. 

you do like not to be talked to in the morning ?

Do you like to eat breakfast after 1pm ? 

Do you want to be surprised?

we offer an intelligent & human service aiming at following your needs and truly getting to know you better. 

And this does not start or stop before or after your stay with us. 

Why ?


Because we truly care about you & love our work. 

All our stay includes a free "concierge" service simply meaning that we will help you with your travel needs, give you hidden addresses, assist you before and after your stay to ensure you are well like a friend would. 

We want and like to know you more. 

Tell us what you like and we will do our best to make it happen so you get the most amazing experience. 

5 Star Somewhere Only We Know Resort Sunset Party shot.jpg

An access done by foot only

a real secret location

This was done to preserve the uniqueness of our place, our exceptional beaches and the privacy of our guests.


For us it should be a place that only you know.

Our resort is located on 3 OF the best beaches OF THE ISLAND.


Thanks to our reputation, our design and exceptional location, many who like to know where we are.

But to preserved the privacy of our guests and your experience we decided not to have a road, any sign, any name on our uniforms or our car or an exact internet location. 

We even keep another resort's name to confuse people. 

Our resort is only accessible by way of a 5 minutes hike for a reason.


The moment you unlock our secret door gate to our estate you will know.


Our place is ideally located next to all restaurants, nightlife and shops but unlike any other resort we have no direct neighbour.   

It is Somewhere Only We Know and it should stay that way.   

Proud Partner with 

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 5.28.17 PM.png


THE SERVICE OF A 5-star resort but LIMITED to

3 villas &

6 guests only

The main force of our unique place is its exclusivity.


We could have built +100 villas, accept children, and groups. 

We did not and will not. 

we could not do a human, tailor made service and offer the uniqueness of our exceptional private location and beaches to many guests. 

At our resort you can have our entire restaurant for you. Simply ask. so we find the right time with the others guests.

Our spa or excursions exclusive to our resort are ordered and tailored only for you. 

Our 3 beaches are set up only for you. 

We do not accept guests under 16 years old. 

  • Private Resort Koh Pha Ngan  fb

+66 (0)88 88 635 21

5 star luxury resort Koh Phangan Thailand I Somewhere Only We Know
5 Star Somewhere Only We Know Resort Learning Thai Dance with teacher.jpg


Our staff is unique too

our resort is not profit orientated.


We created this resort by choice and by passion to share something different with you.


All members of our team have an exceptional history or knowledge.


It is our resort.

We finance charities we personally take care of:

environmental protection projects, children schoolings, families in distress. 


We finance it directly and in your name for each reservation.

All our providers are owned by people not companies.

The only thing we purchase from companies are toilet paper and gasoline. 

Why ? Because we care and you are part of it with us making this world a better place.

Is that it ?

We go way beyond.


If you are ready we have a platinum service that takes this unusual resort to a level unheard of today. 

Same Resort, same villas, different team. 

We tailor for you for a minimum of 4 months with 15 people in our team woking every day to create moments and surprises. 

You allow us to contact at least 4 people that know you very well, Family members or friends. 

We will with their help know you better and imagine moments that probably no one has ever imagined just for you.

Any time of your day has a,b,c,d options ready for you and depending on your mood or actions they will take place or ... not. 

With your consent you know you could be "kidnapped" or taken to a place we prepared for you. 

We use our vast +80 experiences and excursions and 67 local guides to prepare this. 

80% of our guests have tears of joy before even reaching the resort.

It does not exist like this anywhere in the world. 

It is called SOWK Private Club. 

5 nights minimum stay, all inclusive (food, drinks, excursions), starts at 3.500,- USD for two per night. 

Do you want to know more about it ?

We proudly support 

Thai Child Development Foundation


Forward Phangan 


forward phangan.png
eco thailand.jpg

For Christmas for a birthday or for any reason :) please donate and support Like we do too this amazing school for disabled kids

Learn more here

Volunteers initiative for a more sustainable development of Koh Phangan protecting our unique community vibe

Learn more here

Our Resort is committed to the standards of Eco-Thailand. NGO protecting the environment on Koh Phangan

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