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The ultimate beach estate
Designed by Guillaume Brachet
5 star somewhere only we know koh phanga

the View..


Enjoy stunning panoramic views from your oversized living room round Day Bed and upstairs from the master bedroom's God Sized Custom made Bed. 

The sea ... as far as you eyes can see. 

No direct neighbours a secluded beach.

YOU and the SEA ...

"You will feel like staying on your own private island"

5 star somewhere only we know beach vill

The Slide

From your Bedroom to your Beach !

Some things are too good to leave it to the kids.

As we will always allow ourselves to have fun and enjoy life THIS will put a smile on a face and remind you of old souvenirs.

Simply slide down to your mornings with a smile on your face from your bedroom to your coffee awaiting you facing the beach.  

"We will always be children at heart"

5 star somewhere only we know beach vill
Somewhere Only We Know Resort Koh Phanga

Bathing Area

Your Private Japanese inspired Spa

Coming through that iconic round door to a bath area with a central fire stove infusing your tea ...

It has two showers next to each others which opens to the bath's garden. 

At the back a custom made Jacuzzi nest where you will wander at the surroundings discreetly hidden in your haven. 

"Your own personal haven"





Your Private Japanese inspired Spa

The Beach Villa has its own Chef Counter so all your meals can be prepared in the privacy of your house. 

You can comfortably at the dinner chef's table being served directly from the wok to your plate watching the sea view. 

If the weather allows you can also eat all your meals outside on your private outside terrace watching the sea and the beach.

"In direct connection with the food"

5 star somewhere only we know resort bea
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