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you probably have just found One of the safest hotel in the world for Coronavirus due to our unusual secluded location and our special island: Welcome at Somewhere Only We Know one of the leading 5 star small hotel of Asia 


Covid-19 Free destination

It is little known but Thailand and in particular our island have seen one of the lowest level of infections in the world. 


The entire island of Koh Phangan has been virtually free from the coronavirus with the exception of one case at the outbreak who was immediately quarantined, healed and left the island on March 2020. 


Since then the island is fully locked, and strictly monitored. It requires pre-registration & pre-approval before boarding a boat to the island.


The authorities installed a medically fully equipped screening point on arrival at the pier monitored by a medical team who screens any person before entering with a full body temperature detection High tech machine. 

The entire country of Thailand is among the least impacted countries in the world (+3.000 cases +50 deaths): 


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It immediately applied the highest and strictest safety measures with no premature or phase deconfinement with very strict monitoring. 

The country has been locked from the outside world since April 3rd 2020 to guarantee the highest safety with strictly no Incoming flights or visitors. Re-opening of the borders are planned for June 1st 2020

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location and a name which say it all ...


direct neighbours, it is a strictly private resort, our 3 beaches and the 9 beaches around are secluded and see rare visitors at anytime even in high season.

We only have 3 independent villas with each their private gated garden.


Each house is located at a 25 meters distance from each others. 

We are located in the nature but on the beach. 

There is no outside guests allowed, the restaurant and the bar are private and reserved only for you.


no road, no sign, a true secret location on purpose, only you, our guests who know: Somewhere Only We Know. 

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Our Strictest 

disinfection & cleaning protocol

We take care of our gusts as we would for our own family members this the signature of our service and why we are different. This is the true base of our service.

Your safety is truly, sincerely our highest priority we do not compromise on it. 

Not only we disinfect your villa but we quarantine it for 24h before disinfecting once more to be sure. 

It is cleaned by our trained staff with gloves and masks according the strictest practises. 

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+66 (0)88 88 635 21


Staff & Customer's 


From the first time we will meet you until you will leave us we will only come near you when it is absolutely needed (check-in) & respect a social distancing of 2m minimum

Our service at the restaurant and bar is organised in a way that we do not need to approach you. 

You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp or use our sterilised guest's cellphone to call us for anything at all. 

Our staff is trained not to come near you so you can relax and truly have a good time. 

We organised times for meals so you do not have to cross other guests (4 others guests only) and you can privatise the whole resort if you want to. 

Our staff is tested daily for temperature before entering the property and tested for the Covid-19 every 15 days.

Like we said we take care of you as we would for family members.

You will truly enjoy your stay without the need or the fear to have people near you. 

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& Special bookings flexible policies for Covid-19

We have as usual the most transparent, fair, sincere and human approach. 

Any bookings during the Covid-19 pandemic will only give right to a deposit payment of 20% (creditable at reservation on any stay and any name) and the payment of the remainder of your reservation only 60 days before your arrival. 

If you cannot come we will again credit that sum on any day and any name

We can arrange private planes and fast tracks at international airports or any travel arrangement that would help you. we can do many. 

We now have the possibility to order in your name from the local pharmacy

Covid-19 personal tests.

Anythings else we could do to make you feel at ease or a question ? Feel free to ask and do not be shy we are here for you.


  • Private Resort Koh Pha Ngan  fb

+66 (0)88 88 635 21