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Best rated 5 star Resort in Thailand for 4 years in a row





Being number 1 for us only means being recognised by our beloved guests as worth it enough to receive a 10/10.


It is a proactive individual's decision to dedicate their time to make sure their

10 of 10 review helps us.


An act of love, a reward, for us the most beautiful gift ever in return for our dedication and endless desire to love and take care of our guests as we would with a beloved relative. 


We are human, we are normal and we care 


location and a name which say it all ...


direct neighbours, it is a strictly private resort, our 3 beaches and the 9 beaches around are secluded and see rare visitors at anytime even in high season.

We only have 3 independent villas with each their private gated garden.


Each house is located at a 25 meters distance from each others. 

We are located in the nature but on the beach and 5 minutes only from all restaurants and nightlife

There is no outside guests allowed, the restaurant and the bar are private and reserved only for you.


no road, no sign, a true secret location on purpose, only you, our guests who know: Somewhere Only We Know. 

Did we mention that we are the #1 five star Resort in Thailand according to with 9,7/10 rating in 2019 ?

Find more about it Here 


If you have any question at all about a spa with us we are at your disposal: 




If you have 

Proud Partner with 

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Our Strictest 

disinfection & cleaning protocol

We take care of our guests as we would for our own family members it is the genetic of our usual service.

Your safety is truly, sincerely our highest priority we do not compromise with it. 

Not only we disinfect your villa but we lock it for 24h and disinfect it 

once more

It is cleaned by our trained staff with gloves and masks according the strictest practises. 

You have question or a worry ? : 


  • Private Resort Koh Pha Ngan  fb

+66 (0)88 88 635 21

5 star luxury resort Koh Phangan Thailand I Somewhere Only We Know


Staff & Customer's 


From the first time we will meet you until you leave we will only come near you when it is absolutely needed (check-in) & if we do we will respect a social distancing of 2m minimum

Our service at the restaurant and bar is organised in a way that we do not need to approach you. 

You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp or use our guest's cellphone to call us for anything at all. 

Our staff is trained not to come near you so you can relax and truly have a good time. 

We organised times for meals so you do not have to cross other guests (4 others guests only) and you can privatise the whole resort if you want to. 

Our staff is tested daily for temperature before entering the property and tested for the Covid-19 every 15 days.

Like we said we take care of you as we would for family members.

You will truly enjoy your stay without the need or the fear to have people near you. 

You have a question ? Fell free to ask us: 



All inclusive

Golden Visa's stay

Prepare your luggages we are taking care of the rest.


From the visa, to the plane tickets, your arrival hotel for the first 2 weeks and of course your stay with us.


All is taken care of so you do not have to worry.  


 You will be granted an elite VIP Visa for residence valid for 5 years that you can keep even after your stay with us. 

We fly you business from anywhere in the world. 

During your stay all is included: 

  • 4 months stay at SOWK (additional months can be booked)

  • Your Vehicle, 

  • A fully equipped office with sea view & AC, 

  • your personal Buttler, 

  • 2 massages each week, 

  • all meals by private chef, 

  • immunity boosts healthy shots, 

  • High speed Fiberoptic WIFI internet, 

  • Personal high-speed WIFI hotspot device,

  • Concierge service. 


You will be allowed to travel and fly freely in Thailand and if you want discover this amazing country whether you like mountains or shopping until you drop in Bangkok. 

You will have plenty to do on our active and vibrant island with great restaurant, amazing nature and beach and vibrant nightlife.

Our island is buzzing attracting many elite foreigners from around the world here to protect themselves from Covid-19.

interested ? :


+66 (0)88 88 635 21

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