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Private Villas in Paradise. Voted one of the leading resorts in Thailand, Somewhere Only We Know has established itself as not just a resort but a unique experience reinventing hospitality in a breathtaking location on the magical island of Koh Phangan.

 A place accessible by foot only down a mountain on a natural path in the jungle somewhere only YOU know, it is not just a name it is a real concept.


Imagined by Guillaume and Frederic and run by Guillaume it is about a whole life change and a different prospective on the world. Living a modern life but protecting this planet are easily compatible. It is about like minded people who want to be the change they want to see in the world and are willing to share this new kind of lifestyle with customers.

The founders started on a beach without running water or electricity, to learn what it implies to be a human again on this planet, reconnected, living with nature, being happier, sharing love and jumping off the fast moving train of a society driven life. The idea to strip down all the unnecessary and embrace life.

Combining all advantages of a vacation rental, a private luxury resort and a bed and breakfast, our adult only villas offer guests a different kind of holiday experience that makes you feel free, valued and most of all respected. We believe in “R”espect, compassion and thinking out of the box.  Somewhere Only We Know is made from love.  This is a chance to connect back with "you" in a very special setting and we will make sure the experience is worth it!

For guests wanting an unparalleled life changing experience we also offer a fully tailored platinum program through our bespoke Somewhere Only We Know Private Club.

A must try !

All Healing & relaxation treatments of our famous

Jungle Spa & Retreat are available Online

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We always guarantee the lowest price to you and a free bottle of Prosecco for stays of over 2 days



Architecture and unique furniture imagined by Designer and Owner Guillaume Brachet




A villa at one with it's surrounding nature and full of surprisingly unique features such as the first natural mineral water swimming pool in Asia, a staircase and a fireman pole to connect the two floors, an outside rain shower, a bird nest-like bedroom with stunning views above the forest canopy and directly on the reef. The bedroom has magical sea views and the opportunity to also sleep under the stars on the viewing platform.  Designed out of love made for dreamers who enjoy a true hippie-chic adventure. We invite you to indulge, recharge with nature and even discover Phangan's unique parties.

Quick Facts: Villa sleeps 2 guests. 220sqm feng shui design, mineral water infinity pool, God sized round bed, open air bathroom, natural air conditioning, private beach access, secret passage, fireman pole to the dressing room, uninhibited sea & garden views, private property on the estate with private entrance, in room-bar, minibar, 2 sunbeds and 2 sofas, dressing room, access to 3 private beaches, restaurant and beach bar at disposition for guests only on the estate. High quality sound system. CCTV and fully gated.


A unique blend between modernity and nature opening up onto the surrounding lush jungle. Magical sea views, a god sized handcrafted bed of 2m80, a 16 meters hammock, a private cinema, in-room rock formations, a tree growing in the bedroom and a Thai boxing bag in the bathroom. This villa is made for people looking for the comfort of innovative and contemporary design combined with panoramic views on the surrounding nature with a good chance of spotting monkeys.