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"Unique"How many times have you heard this word to describe a luxury hotel? 


Staff trained to spin the customers, additional costs for every little extra and the reception not able to offer the slightest surprise emotion tailored for each guest. 


A beautiful cocoon certainly ... but oftenhollow and empty.

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A memorable vacation for life is often made of two things: 

  1. Either an encounter with someone exceptional during a journey of knowledge that opens us to another world and whose meeting remains engraved for life.

  2. Or a moment so different and truly uniquethat evokes both emotion and surprise and makes us want to be suspended in time so we don’t miss a second. A moment where we can say to ourselves “what a beautiful life this is”.


Somewhere Only We Know Private Club offers both. It offers a holistic, highly personalized, deep journey to the new borders of yourself.  

SOWK Private Club new borders of yoursel

It offers its guests an ultra private resort to themselves on 3 private beaches with a fully tailored all-inclusive experience whilst delivering at the same time, moments truly suspended in time, guided by exceptional people and highly personalised to the customer. 

SOWK Private Club Bathroom Hedonist Vill

Each reservation can takeup to three to four months of work to the team in place to finely craft every moment like a jewel. Customers have already cried for joy and collapsed with sadness on the day of departure affected and often extend their stay. 

Such are the results that every single month of 2019 the resort has ranked the highest across the whole of Thailand on travel booking sites.  

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A secret address ("Somewhere Only We Know"), a relationship of trust and friendship with the staff, fully tailored experiences designed to awaken the senses, combined with the concept and ecological design of the hotel and its high-end service, has already seen well known celebrities, leading business figures and even Royalty escape to this secret paradise attracted by its privacy and unique spot.

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The island inspired the movie The Beach and as Leonardo Di Caprio famously said in the film "Everyone's got the same idea. We all travel thousands of miles just to watch TV and check in to somewhere with all the comforts of home, and you gotta ask yourself, what is the point of that?  You want it to feel different, more visceral, more real”.

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Somewhere Only We Know Private Club promises guest that experience but without compromising full privacy and luxury.

SOWK Private Club Full privacy and luxur

We almost forget that this secret hideaway with its breathtaking sunsets is also a place where we sleep. Guests have the whole estate to themselves.
 Composed of just two guest villas (with a third that launches next year) this ultra-exclusive accommodation is design led and each villa brings a different theme ("Millennial Hippy Bohème Chic" / "Modern Contemporary Sexy Pop Chic").  

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Housed in a bay, lined with 3 private beaches surrounded by jungle this ultra-ecological villas offer among others "standard equipment", a hammock of more than 16 meters outside, beds of 2m80 wide, rooms open to nature with stunning sea views, a fireman's bar connecting the floors waking the big children that we are forever and even the opportunity to sleep under the stars, dine on the beach and watch the resort’s 45 monkeys.

SOWK Private Club Outside Villa Sanghami

All villas are only made to measure furniture with Feng Shui design at its core designed by the owner and designer Guillaume Brachet.  Every month the resort has attracted curious visitors from around the world who come to study the design and eco-technologies invented by the owner and designer as well.  This 5 star "hotel" has no door, no reception, nobody knows the exact location even among locals. It is hosted by the number 5 five star resort in Thailand ... called Somewhere Only We Know Resort each reservation privatises immediately the entire resort. 


Because as the name suggests:

SOWK Private Club =

Somewhere Only We Know

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The establishment is actually locatedin a beautiful bay, totally invisible from the road and only accessible on foot or boat by its members "who alone ... know".

SOWK Private Club Natural Pool Sanghamit

Here you are finally understood, nothing is added to the starting price, everything is absolutely included from the VIP transfer from the various airports to the nights, meals and drinks, personalized experiences, SPA treatments, vehicle rentals and moments that can make this a truly unique vacation. 

SOWK Private Club has more than 67 exclusive excursions and experiences that represent a basic canvas on which the team embodies moments that will only happen once and never again.  Tailored packages are also designed to relax and invigorate the soul. 

This unique island of Koh Phangan hosts a population of half foreigners and locals who each live the change they want to see in the world through their passions. Not for profit but simply to live a better life. 


Koh Phangan still offers a lush nature, a splendid national maritime park, heavenly beaches but also a vibrant nightlife welcoming all ages and styles of music where the motto is: "R" espect and this safely from 5 to 95 years old. It will be impossible to be bored at night.

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The reality of Koh Phangan's nightlife is far from the image that makes her the island of the Full Moon Party. In reality, this represents only 1% of the island's territory, and the islanders do not really care about it. This island is quite different in reality, behind the scenes open to connoisseurs only.


This surprising revolutionary concept that attracts the greatest on the planet is an ultra-private club. Applications for membership are submitted online on their site but submitted to the vote of all its staff and this without inequality. The owner has only one voice guaranteeing that the team will invest completely in the service for one purpose: To make you spend the most beautiful moments.


A unique concept, unique procedure.  


Would YOU dare to know too?

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Logo White SOWK PRIVATE CLUB 2018.jpg

For interview requests or further information please contact 


Guillaume Brachet


Phone: +66.8888.635.21


Photos available for publication with express prior autorisation only: 


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