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A 16 meters long observation net above the Nature to see the stars at night, a private cinema, a beautiful sea view, a bathroom with a swing, a thai boxing bag and the largest bed you have ever seen ... Be a true hedonist

Designed by French Designer Guillaume Brachet.

The Villa

The Villa and all its furniture have been especially designed by International French Designer Guillaume Brachet.


This exceptional sea view villa of 180m2 is composed of two floors with private garden offering you full privacy. It is perfect to see the Nature while not being closed it.

The villa features a unique eco-technology invented by the resort and Guillaume Brachet: a hybrid natural air conditioning system. 

The grey water system is also an exclusive resort's eco technology the water is does not pollute the ground with zero infiltration. 

5 Star Somewhere Only We Know Resort The Hedonist Villa aerial view.JPG
5 star Somewhere Only We Know Resort Koh Phangan Hedonist Villa God sized handmae mattress
5 Star Somewhere Only We Know Resort Bed The Hedonist 2m70 wide.JPG

Upper main Floor

The entire upper floor is enclosed and fully Air Conditioned.


As you enter you will find a large corridor leading to the separated toilet and a dressing room area.


The second large room is the bedroom with a panoramic sea view balcony, an oversized round bed of 2m70 (70cm larger than a king size) and a small tree grows in the bedroom next to the bed.


There is a little desk, a secret minibar, a safe and a Guitar if you would fancy to play tunes at night.

The bedroom features an authentic painting custom made for this villa by Michael Raivard inventor of the Speed painting art. 

The Bathroom

The Bathroom is located at the same level of the upper floor it is fully covered and is literally cut in half opening onto the Surrounding Nature. 

The mirrors are hanging so you can enjoy the view. It has an oversized rain shower, a swing and a thai boxing bag.

It is a real heaven to shower there while being above the Nature watching the view. 

5 Star Somewhere Only We Know Resort Bathroom general The Hedonist Villa.JPG
5 Star Somewhere Only We Know Resort Bed The Hedonist 2m70 wide.JPG
5 Star Somewhere Only We Know Resort Observation Net The Hedonist villa.JPG

Lower Floor

The lower floor of the villa can be reached by an external stairs. 

It features the iconic 16 meters long observation net of the Hedonist Villa which is perfect to read a book during the day or observe stars at night. 

On the other side and fully covered there is a private cinema watching area and small view Nest to relax. 

It has a beautiful sea view. 

16 meters long 

Observation net

This net could fit 20 people but it will be your own only. 

It is the perfect to gaze at the sea or spot the paradise birds of our forest.

Thai Boxing bag

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing in English is intimately part of Thai culture. 

Grag the official muay Thai Koh Phangan shorts and headband available there for your pictures

Private Cinema

Watch movies and the sea view at the same time in the comfort of our custom made sofa.

Wine ? Ask us. :)

Hedonist Villa's Video

5 star luxury resort Koh Phangan Thailand I Somewhere Only We Know
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